Refractory Cement

Refractory cement is used to cover the dome (it’s used in the furnace industry and can withstand heat up to 1200 degrees celsius). There are other similar products like Istra 40 Cement which can be used or Cobb – refer to Alan Watts ‘Build Your Own Wood Fired Oven book for ingredients.

Other FAQs

What does the kit include?

The kit contains the engineered cardboard mould and a door template.  It takes about an hour to assemble. 

Does your kit come with instructions?

Yes –  step by step instructions for the dome.

Can you use normal cement on the pizza oven cardboard model?

No, it would not stand the heat.

Would Hebel bricks be okay to finish the oven?

You can use almost anything to finish off the décor of your build. Once the refractory cement is laid, the necessary insulation is placed, it can be covered with any material to suit to décor.

What do you need to put on the floor of the oven?

We recommend insulation under the dome area of the floor – this is then covered by a level concrete pad.  

Under the cardboard dome you then place firebricks (or old red bricks). Calcium Silicate Board is another great option under the fire bricks (with foil to separate the insulation from fire bricks)

How many pizzas can you fit in the oven?

With experience, you don’t need the biggest pizza oven in town, unless you really want one. You can cook for a heap of people in an 800-900mm model.

Cook 1 pizza at a time and enjoy that with friends and then go back and cook another one. Scrape hot coals back in the spot to keep the pizza area nice and hot.

You can cook 3 to 4 in the bigger ovens at one time but it’s far quicker to do 1 at time.

Can your mould be used to make a brick oven?

Yes.  The most difficult part is the corbel – (the part that closes the oven off from being a pizza oven to a slow cooking oven) – a good fit is essential.

We suggest you cover the mould using refractory cement then lay bricks down (after insulating etc..)

Can you keep the costs down?


If you love recycling, you can cut that cost down considerably.

Use empty stubby bottles as insulation under the dome – see gallery.

Use old leftover insulation batts.

Use old red bricks instead of firebricks.

Make your own cooking tools.

Is the outside of the oven hot to touch?

Built as instructed, the outside of the oven will be blood temperature when your oven is up to full temperature which is usually 250 -300 degrees.

I’m about to apply the refractory cement over the mould, but before I do, I wanted to better understand how the flue is installed.

There is a preformed cardboard plug – break the cardboard and pull it out… you can soak with a tiny bit of water if needed. The flue plughole is 6 inch. The flue is inserted after the refractory cement process.

You can seal that with refractory cement or fireproof silicon or cement.

Is the mould for single use only or can it be re-used?

It is single-use only.

What size pizza oven?

The size relates to the diameter measurement of the inside of the dome – the cooking area.

How is the mould removed?

After a few days, you can pull the front part of the mould away but then the rest is burnt out with your first few fires.

How big should the base be?

The stand sizes we recommend allows for shelf space in the front to pull out hot dishes from the oven. We often advise people to assemble the cardboard mould and then work out the size of the stand that suits them.

Is it just a matter of rendering the cardboard template?

You will need three layers of refractory cement over the mould as per the instructions, then add insulation, chicken wire and then normal brick mortar for décor.

Where do I get a flue from?

A local metal fabrication shop or hardware shop.

How does the oven cook?

To cook pizzas, you have the door slightly ajar to allow a draft to go through to bring the oven up to temperature.

To slow the heat down, you close the door completely.

To cook as a slow cook oven, once the temperature is hot enough, you slide the door through the throat of your pizza oven and rest it against the corbel to close it off (corbel is at the back of the throat) – you are now cooking with retained heat, which can stay like that for half a day or more.

What can I cook in my pizza oven?

Our oven is designed to cook anything that you can find in a cookbook! Make delicious roasts, pizzas, bread etc…

What material do you use for the flue?

Stainless steel

Black iron

Earthern ware pipe

A Brick pipe.

How do I make the door?

You have a template in the kit that will help you make the door. Adjust to size – stainless steel is highly recommended.

If you do use a temporary timber door, before you use it, soak it in water.

How do I dry out (condition) the oven for the first cook?

You will only need 3-4 small fires (kindling no bigger than a shoebox). Each fire progressively getting more kindling in it than the first one ( still shoe box size).

How many firebricks for the base?

Firebrick supplier should be able to calculate.