Curious about Pizza Oven In A Box? Get answers to your burning questions and learn how to build it step-by-step on our FAQ page.

How To Mix Refractory Cement

  • What size oven?

    The perfect pizza oven size? It's all about your lifestyle, space, and how often you crave that wood-fired goodness. Check out our handy buy guide for all the specs you need. Our top picks? The 900mm and 1000mm models.

  • What's in the kit

    What's included in the kit? You'll find a flat-packed cardboard mould with a precision-cut template for the door. It's durable and ready to assemble, making setup a breeze.

  • How long does it take to build

    Foundation and Base

    • 1-2 days to prepare and pour the foundation
    • 1-2 days to construct the base

    Refractory Cement Application

    • Complete in 1 day

    Finishing Coatings

    • Allocate 1 week for applying additional coatings or finishes

    Drying and Curing

    • Allow 1-2 weeks for the oven to dry and cure

    Curing Burns

    • Perform several small fires over a few days to a week to eliminate remaining moisture

    Total Time

    • 2-3 weeks for a thoroughly constructed and durable pizza oven

    This structured approach ensures each stage of the construction process is completed properly, resulting in a high-quality and long-lasting pizza oven.

  • So how much will it cost?

    It's All Up to You!

    Whether you're ready to go all out or get creative with what you have, the choice is entirely yours. Here's a rough cost breakdown for the 900mm setup:

    • Cardboard Mould: $220
    • Refractory Cement (9 Bags 25kgs): $520
    • Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket: $140
    • Stainless Steel Chimney: $100
    • Stainless Steel Door: $65
    • Foil or Silver Sided Builders Foil: $30
    • Firebricks: $250
    • Chicken Wire: $20
    • Cement Render Decor: $100

    Total Cost: $1445

    Remember, prices may vary depending on location and supplier. So, whether you're going all out or keeping it budget-friendly, you have the freedom to create the pizza oven setup that suits your style and needs.

  • What kind of stand do I need?

    Your pizza oven needs a strong base to support its weight, which can exceed half a ton. Here are key factors to consider:

    • Weight Bearing Capacity: Ensure the base can support the oven, insulation, and any additional features.
    • Foundation: Use a level, solid base like a concrete slab or compacted gravel to prevent settling or shifting.
    • Materials: Opt for bricks, concrete blocks, or precast concrete slabs that can withstand the oven's weight.
    • Dimensions: Make sure the base is large enough for the oven and provides extra space for preparation or storage.
    • Ventilation: Include openings for air circulation to prevent heat and moisture buildup.
    • Weather Resistance: Choose materials that can withstand local weather conditions, including moisture and temperature fluctuations.
    • Accessibility: Ensure easy access for loading, unloading, and maintenance. Consider adding shelves or countertops for convenience.
    • Design Aesthetics: Select materials and finishes that complement your outdoor area to enhance visual appeal.
  • What is refractory cement and where do I find it?

    Refractory Cement for DIY Pizza Ovens


    Alumina (Al2O3): High-temperature resistance, binds aggregates.
    Silica (SiO2): Enhances workability, fills gaps for strength.
    Calcium Aluminate: Improves bonding and endurance.

    Choosing the Right Cement:

    Temperature Rating: Must withstand over 1000°C.
    Composition: Look for alumina, silica, and calcium aluminate.
    Mixing Ratio: Follow manufacturer guidelines.
    Setting Time: Choose a suitable setting time for your project.
    Application Method: Ensure compatibility with casting, troweling, or pouring.

    Required 25kgs Bags for Moulds:
    700mm: 6 bags
    800mm: 7 bags
    900mm: 9 bags
    1000mm: 10 bags
    1100mm: 12 bags

    Finding Suppliers:
    Search online for:

    Searching Online for Refractory Cement Suppliers:

    🔍 Refractory cement suppliers
    🔍 High-temperature cement suppliers
    🔍 Refractory castable suppliers
    🔍 Heat-resistant cement suppliers
    🔍 Furnace cement suppliers

    Copy and paste these search suggestions into your preferred search engine to discover suppliers for your DIY pizza oven project.

  • What you'll need

    1. Masking Tape: Holds your pizza oven mould together during assembly.
    2. Acrylic Paint: Seals and protects the cardboard from moisture, enhancing durability.
    3. 6-inch Flue: Allows smoke and gases to escape for proper airflow.
    4. Metal Door: Provides easy oven access and traps heat for consistent cooking.
    5. Ash Pit: Optional but handy for maintaining cleanliness and temperature control.
    6. Fire Bricks: Create a sturdy, heat-resistant cooking surface.
    7. Calcium Silicate Insulation: Ensures consistent cooking temperatures by trapping heat.
    8. Refractory Cement: Bonds oven components for strength and durability.
    9. Fire Cement: Seals gaps for maximum heat retention.
    10. Insulation: Keeps the oven hot and efficient.
    11. Chicken Wire: Adds structural stability and holds insulation in place.
    12. Wire Tie Downs: Secure all components during construction.